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This is our publicly editable wiki. For news and events notices, we have other channels:

Current Events

You can find our latest events on our Calendar.


Tuesdays at 20:00

The most active night where people turn up, there are occasional talks, or you show-and-tell your latest project!

The Loop

Every second Wednesday 20:00-23:00

Open source hacking/your own software project

3D Printing Group

Thursday 19:00

Please refer to this Facebook event where you can sign up

CNC Interest Group

Fridays 19:30 - late

CNC interest group meet up. If you are a CNC newbie, you're free to watch - if you want to join CNC, please first download and learn how to use FreeCAD (for 3D modelling) and/or KiCAD (for PCBs).

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Making & Hacking

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